Nursery Kids (Birth through 30 months)

Our Nursery is a warm and caring environment for infants from birth – 23 months and is available during all Sunday services. Our Dream Team of volunteers provide a safe environment for your child so you can worship, learn and grow your own faith. Kids’ promotions happen twice a year.

Early Childhood Kids (30 months to Kindergarten)

Our Early Childhood area is especially for 30 months through kindergarten. We know that kids go through different phases in life and early childhood is no different. This is the stage where singing, dancing and laughing is apart of every experience. We begin to teach the kids that God loves them, God made them and Jesus wants to be their forever friend. Our Dream Team of volunteers make each Sunday special by bringing the Bible to life for our kids and teaching them what it means to pray.

Elementary Kids (1st to 5th Grade)

Kids will begin their time engaging in worship and large group teaching. They will then break up into small groups, led by our Dream Team of volunteers who love Jesus and desire to develop a lasting relationship with your child. Your child will dive deeper into God’s truths. We will present a new Life Application each month and show them how they can apply them to everyday life.